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Pella Town Board Meeting agendas and meeting notes
Agenda for the monthly meeting – Monday, January 13, 2020
Time: 7:00PM

Place: Pella Town Hall

Call to order.
Reading of the agenda.
Approve previous month’s minutes.
Input from the public.
Appoint one member to the Land Use & Planning Committee to April 2020.
(Elaine Klitz is stepping down from her position.)
Discuss/approve change in fire dept. financial arrangement.
Treasurer’s report and payment of bills.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Habeck, Town Clerk

Published: January 9, 2020
Posted: January 2, 2020


Chairman Gary Thomack called the meeting to order at 7:00PM.
Board members present: Chairman Gary Thomack, Supervisor Ken Genskow, Treasurer Dennis Zahn and Clerk Karen Habeck.
Public included: Brian Westfahl, Lloyd Fischer, Mark Ejnik, Dohn Laude, Vernon Kratzke, Bill Shumaker and Arlyn Tober.
The Clerk read the agenda which had been posted in three public places ad published in the Marion Advertiser. The minutes were read from the November 11, 2019 monthly meeting. Motion was made by Genskow/Thomack to accept the minutes as read. Motion carried by voice vote, with both in favor.
Input from the Public: County Supervisor Arlyn Tober reported that the all of locks at the Jail and Work Release have been replaced at a cost of $3 million. The Courthouse has been set up with a new computer system at a cost of $800,000 and it should be totally up and running by the end of the year. Everything has been completed at the Human Resource Bldg. Several surrounding Counties are bringing clients to participate in the work that is done to build pallets. Judge J. R. Habeck will be retiring at the end of his term in April of 2020. Brian Westfahl, Fire Dept. Chief reported that 11 individuals have completed the driver courses to drive the fire trucks.
Motion was made by Thomack/Genskow to approve the Clerk’s list of election workers for the 2-year period from January 2020 through December 2021. Motion carried by voice vote with both in favor. The list includes: Chief inspectors—Bonnie Bartz, Elaine Klitz and Carol Korth. Election workers include: Jan Baerenwald, Beverly Genskow, Jean Harper, Darla House, Amy Jagla, Elaine Kriewaldt, Verdell Krueger, Patricia Luff, Barbara Simon and Kathy Westfahl.
The Clerk presented the information from two individuals that expressed interest in the vacant supervisor position; those being Dan Conradt and Dohn Laude. A vote was taken by the Chairman, Supervisor #1 and the Clerk; results were 2 votes for Dohn Laude and the Clerk abstaining.
Dohn Laude will fill the vacant supervisor position to April 20, 2021. Laude was welcomed to the Board table to participate in the remainder of the meeting.
Motion was made by Genskow/Laude to approve the CSM for the Kust property on County
D by splitting it into two separate parcels. Motion carried by voice vote with three in favor, zero against.
Zoning: Zahn reported that Elaine Klitz is stepping down from her position on the Land Use & Planning Committee. This will be added to January 2020 agenda to appoint a replacement.
Roads: There are a couple of trees that still need to be cleaned up in the right-of -way.
The Treasurer reported that the November bills totaled $14,695.73, leaving a balance of $2,915.55 in the checking account and $179,695.47 in the Premier Savings Account. Motion was made by Genskow/Laude to approve the November report and pay the December bills. Motion carried by voice vote with three in favor, zero against.
The Clerk reported that an email was received from Larry Preuss, Town assessor,
concerning a new property tax that could be imposed on individuals that are building a structure in the township. The tax value that could be put on their tax bill would be figured at 2% of the estimated cost of the building project, this is prior to any work being done for construction. Motion was made by Thomack/Laude to NOT impose any such tax, as the building isn’t even on sight. Motion carried by voice vote with three in favor, zero against. The Clerk will inform the Assessor of the Board’s decision.
Bill Shumaker reported that he and Zahn had met with Archer Becher of Becher Hoppe and Associates about what direction to take for repairs on the dam. At one of our prior Board meetings a resident has expressed why a float system couldn’t be installed to help control the water levels; everyone was in agreement that this wouldn’t work through freezing temperatures and probably wouldn’t be efficient during the Spring thaw.
Motion was made by Laude/Genskow to continue with the “plank system” that we have now, as it is more economical than installing gates that can and will freeze up in the winter. Motion carried with the three in favor, zero against. Mr. Becher will be informed of the Board’s decision so that he can start the project design in order to have costs for applying for a grant. As a note, at one time it was suggested to make a spillway where the “plank system” is now. Bill noted that it would not allow for large amounts of water to be sent down the river quickly enough as can be done now by removing planks as needed. Mr. Becher will be informed to get any correspondence to Chairman Thomack and Zahn in the future. The work to be done on the dam will probably pushed to 2021.
With no business, motion was made by Thomack/Laude to adjourn the meeting.
The next meeting will be Monday, January 13, 2020 at 7:00PM in the Pella Town Hall.